What Do Spy Cameras Look Like?

what do spy cameras lool like

Many TV shows have dramatized people finding spy cameras. People will find themselves caught in the act when they see a camera hidden in a teddy bear, air conditioning vent, or in a book. While cameras used to be a large piece of technology that needed room for the tape that it would record on and a bulky power pack, a camera is now small enough to fit into just about anything.

Inconspicuous Spy Cameras in the Home

These days, spy cameras can look like any of your regular household items. Many spy cameras are hidden in different types of clocks. A spy camera could be hidden in something like an alarm clock that sits on the bed side table, or it could be a wall clock mounted in the living room or kitchen.

Another place that is very common for spy cameras to be hidden in is in a type of emergency detector, whether that is a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector. These cameras look like your typical smoke detector, but inside they have a camera, microphone, and micro usb chip to store all your recorded data. These cameras capture the motion of people in the room and also have the ability to have a wide lens that captures the whole room.

Another household item that can easily store a hidden camera is a light bulb. These bulb cameras look like a typical light bulb that can be hidden in a lamp. Many of these come with motion detectors to know when to start recording as someone walks in the room. In addition, some have the capability to record audio, and connect to the wifi network in your home to send you the video directly to your phone. These light bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes, and have many different camera lens options in them.

One final household item that can double as a spy camera is a common household hook. These cameras look like Command hooks that you can put on the wall to hold your keys or bags, but they are also hiding a tiny camera. These can be placed by the door to give your entryway protection, or they can even be placed in a bedroom or closet to keep your jewelry and other precious items safe.


There are a range of different things that a spy camera can look like these days. We have described a few common household items here for you. If you are not looking for a camera to be installed in your home, you may consider other spy cameras that look like things like a ballpoint pen, reading glasses or sunglasses, or even a USB wall charger. All of the items that we have described here can be found on our Spy Cameras HD online store. In fact, each one of the items we listed can be found directly on their website. Head over to their website and start your spy surveillance today!

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