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The best way to capture surveillance video on the move is with something discreet and unassuming. While that might sound like something out of a futuristic Bond movie, hidden camera glasses are very much a present-day reality and they’re available to anyone.

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Advantages of Hidden Camera Glasses

Camera glasses come with a lot of benefits, not least of which is their ease of use. To switch them on or off, you simply need to press a small button on the side of the frame and the camera will start recording. They’re a very reliable and discreet form of mobile surveillance that nobody will suspect.

These glasses are powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery pack. The upside of this power option is that it can be recharged using a regular USB connection. They come with their own USB charging cable as well as a glass cleaning cloth like any other pair of glasses. You can also use the USB charging cable to transfer the footage to your computer afterward.

It’s worth noting here that despite the low-light feature, these glasses lose their recording ability when exposed to total darkness. On the upside, they have a 62º angled lens the camera which means they’re able to capture a very wide view of the picture. And you can change the lenses to prescription lenses if you’re after a more “natural” look.

Hidden Camera Glasses for Sale

Spy Cameras HD offers the widest selection of high-quality surveillance cameras. We specialize in hidden cameras and are the best in the security industry when it comes to spy cameras. Thanks to the world-class features, your hidden camera glasses won’t miss a beat and you can rely on them to offer you a full vantage point of the overall picture.

Camera glasses are useful for a number of different scenarios. You can take them with you on meetings that involve business deals or negotiations. That way, you’ll be able to present hard evidence if anyone wants to back out on their word. These glasses are also perfect for secret shoppers in auctions or high-end stores that don’t allow cameras, as well as anyone that wants to capture their life without being encumbered by a huge camera.

Our reviews

Maria Hernandez
Great product and service from Spy Cameras HD. My item arrived in good time and their staff kept me informed of my purchase throughout the shipping process.  The spy cam works exactly as advertised. Nothing to complain about so far. I recommend it to anyone who wants to monitor the on-goings of his home while at work.
Maria Hernandez
Rick Price
This is the third hidden camera I’ve bought from Spy Cameras HD and I’ve not been disappointed. This latest spy camera gives crystal clear picture quality and the camera is extremely easy to set up. I can now monitor my home via three hidden eyes. Quite easy to use too.
Rick Price
James Wagner
This is an excellent quality camera. Highly recommended. Good quality at reasonable price. I bought one to replace my old surveillance camera that had gone all blurry. There’s a huge difference between the old and the new one. This new one gives better quality full color footage. Great product.
James Wagner

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