How to Set Up a Spy Camera?

How to Set Up a Spy Camera

Hidden cameras are incredibly popular nowadays and not just among moms that use nanny cams. People use spy cameras to keep an eye on their homes while at work or on vacation, or to identify wrongdoers in the case of burglaries. However, one of the most creative uses of a spy camera is to catch a cheater. Yep, people will go as far as to install a hidden camera to find out if their partner is faithful or not. Part of what makes hidden cameras so appealing is the fact that they’re incredibly easy to install and use for pretty much anyone.

  1. Choose the Best Place

The first step when installing a spy camera is to pick the ideal location in which to place it. Ideally, you want your camera to give you an optimal view of the whole room or a particular spot in your house that you want to view from afar. Consider the areas in the house where the person you plan to monitor is likely to frequent. Just make sure there are no obstructions or else you won’t be able to clearly see what’s happening when you need to the most.

  1. Consider Sound Quality

In addition to high-quality visuals, your spy camera should offer good quality audio as well. The last thing you want is a camera that gives you soundless footage because you won’t be able to use it. So make sure to not place the camera close to noisy appliances like a TV, stereo or even the washing machine, as this might make it difficult to hear the recorded audio.

  1. Put the Camera Near an External Power Supply

Most spy cameras are powered by a replaceable battery, but there are some models as well that use an external power source. These limit you in terms of placement because you have to put them in an area that’s close to an electric wall socket. Plus, you’ll have to find a way to hide the plug and wires too, which might be difficult.

  1. Connect the Camera to a Network

Most spy cameras come with internal storage, which allows you to store almost unlimited footage without running out of space. Still, other models allow you to connect to a home or work network in order to broadcast live video instantaneously. These models usually connect through a USB or Ethernet cable which must be well-hidden in order to avoid detection. Ideally, this type of camera should be kept next to a router or computer for optimal wireless connection, and place it close to a secure wireless network.

  1. Make Sure Nobody Can See the Camera

Think about the layout before you install your spy camera and be careful not to place it in a spot that’s clearly visible to the eye as that’ll make it easier for anyone to see it. The best place for a camera is below or above eye level. You should have someone test the camera for you by asking them if they can spot the camera. If someone who hasn’t seen you install the camera is unable to see it at all, then you’ve done a good job. But if the person can find the camera then you’ll have to try to find a different spot for it.

The best way to hide a spy camera in plain sight is to place it in a very discreet position. Camouflage the camera so that even a person who’s a stickler for details won’t be able to see it. The lens of the camera should be completely out of sight but have a clear view of the room in which it’s placed.

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