How to Make Spy Glasses?

How to Make Spy Glasses

Thanks to modern-day technological innovations, spy glasses are no longer relegated to the realm of fantasy spy movies. Sure, most of the spy gadgets we see James Bond using cannot be replicated in real life, but spy glasses are absolutely available in real life. You can purchase spy glasses at our shop or you can make your own by attaching a super tiny spy camera to a pair of regular glasses. There are numerous ways in which you can use spy glasses, and we’re going to outline some of the most common usages in this article.

  1. Buy a Tiny Camera

It’s relatively easy to hide spy cameras because they’re so small. They’re also easy to access, as a lot of online spy shops and digital camera stores stock them as well. They typically retail for about $50 or so for basic models but if you want a spy camera with extra features like the ability to work in low light conditions or shoot high-quality HD videos then you should be prepared to spend more.

  1. Get the Needed Tools

You only need a few tools to make your own spy glasses:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Small camcorder
  • 9-volt battery
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Wire strippers or snips
  • Soldering station
  1. Prepare the Camera

Peel back the molding on the camera which conceals the wiring. You’ll find that there are 4 wires within each camera; 1 for power, 1 for audio; 1 for video and 1 for ground. These different wires are bought together by 3 connectors, while the ground wire is linked to the ground wires of the power, audio, and video line. Afterward, cut the wiring from about 4 inches away from the actual camera. That way, you’ll have enough wiring left over to use in the following steps.

  1. Extend the Camera

Next, attach a bit of wire to each line in order to extend it by 3 feet at least. Mark each line so you remember what it is, and join a length of wire to each line coming out of the camera. Attach shrink tubing and attach the other end of each wire to the connector end.

  1. Install the Spy Cam

If you conveniently own a pair of Solar Shield glasses then you’ll be glad to know that it’s super easy to install a spy camera within it because there’s a dedicated far corner of the glasses on which you can attach the camera using hot glue. Properly clean the glasses to remove any dust or water before you attach the spy camera. Attach the camera’s tiny wiring on the side of your glasses and use black shrink tube to hide it.

  1. Connect the Camera

Connect the camera and tuck the wiring into your shirt and conceal it behind your neck so that it’s hidden behind your shirt collar. Wiring can also be hidden in your pants pocket, a jacket pocket or the inside of a sleeve. As soon as you attach the 9-volt battery clip, you’ll be ready to start using the camera.

  1. Check if the Video and Audio Work

With a decent spy glass camera, you can capture high-quality color visuals for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a regular digital camera. Most cameras come with audio wiring or a lavalier microphone that’s also easy to hide.


Well, there you go! That’s all you need to make your very own spy glasses. As you can see, it’s relatively easy to make and you probably already have most of the tools required in your garage or tool box. You may use your spy camera to seamlessly record meetings, school classes or any other footage that requires a level of stealth and discreetness.

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