How to Find Hidden Cameras?

How to Find Hidden Cameras

How exactly do you detect the presence of hidden cameras? In this article, you’ll learn some tips on how to find hidden cameras. These strategies are easy for everyone to follow even if you are someone who is not tech-savvy. After reading this article, you’ll learn how to properly detect cameras without having to hire third-party companies or use expensive gears.

So here’s the step-by-step process of detecting spy cameras:

  1. Turn Off the Internet

The easiest way to find a hidden camera is to turn off the internet and wait for some kind of signals from camera like “internet connection has been lost” or wait for the call of a person who may be recording you. Imagine, you have rented Airbnb apartments and you would like to know if owner is recording what you are doing. You shut down the internet and the owner calls you to ask what happened… Why would he need that wireless working? The only logical explanation is because he is recording you. If I were you, I would pretend that I did not shut down the internet and just something else happened. But the next thing you should do would be finding the actual camera. You may be wondering- how to shut down the internet? You can do it by removing your modem from the electricity. Simple and very effective.

  1. Get Inside the Room Like You Are Being Observed

You need to be very mindful of your surroundings in order to detect the presence of any surveillance cameras. For instance, if you’re going to stay at a hotel, you have to set your mind that you’re being spied on or that someone is probably recording your every move. But there’s really no need to panic. Relax, stay calm, and always be mindful of the things in your surroundings.

It’s basically the same as preparing yourself for a ride, where you have to put your seat belt on for your safety. You know that it’s not necessary but you’d be glad to wear it just in case you encounter an accident along the road. Basically, the goal is to always think ahead. You’re not really sure that someone is monitoring you but it is best to be prepared.

  1. Divide the Room Into Four Parts

Next, position yourself in the middle and visually divide the room into four. Once you’ve identified the four areas that you’ve divided, go through each of the areas and remove any obstructions. That way, you won’t have a hard time closely inspecting the place for the presence of spy cameras.

Dividing the room into four sections can help you to meticulously inspect each area and clear the surroundings while making sure that you won’t be skipping anything.

  1. Observe the Surroundings

Choose one area and perform an initial observation of the surroundings. Pay close attention to anything strange or suspicious. Be very keen on your observation. Are you seeing a tiny device with blinking lights? Are there any duplicate items, such as alarm clocks or picture frames?

In case you didn’t know, most of the spy cameras these days are disguised as a common house object, such as picture frame and alarm. So if there are two alarm clocks or picture frames in the room, then there’s a good chance that the other is a spy camera.

  1. Inspect the Walls and the Outlets

Take a closer look at the walls. Are you seeing any tiny holes? Perhaps the camera is hidden there somewhere. Also, most of the surveillance devices would require a power source. So check the outlets if there’s something that’s plugged in there that’s connected to a camera.

There are also cameras powered by batteries but these usually don’t last long. Thus, many still prefer to use cameras that run on electrical power. So take a closer look at the outlets and see if you can identify any wires plugged there.

What to Do If You Find a Hidden Spy Camera?

The moment you discover that there’s a surveillance camera in your room, don’t attempt to remove it. Walk out of the room and report it to the authorities.

As much as possible, don’t act as if you knew about the presence of the camera. Gently avoid the camera view and make sure they don’t know where you’re going. When you call the police, make sure that you’re away from the view of the camera. At least, the perpetrators won’t be able to escape and the authorities can easily apprehend them.

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