How Do Wi-Fi Cameras Work?

How Do Wi-Fi Cameras Work

It’s easy to understand what a Wi-Fi camera is – it’s a type of camera that can connect to Wi-Fi. In this day and age of the Internet, almost all kinds of electronic devices can be connected to Wi-Fi, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a smart TV.

The surveillance cameras are one of those devices that can be connected to Wi-Fi. With this feature, you can directly access the captured images and videos from your mobile phone or laptop. As a matter of fact, more and more homeowners are now investing in a Wi-Fi home security system. Business owners who need to closely monitor their offices and warehouses also rely on Wi-Fi cameras. If you’re thinking of getting this type of camera either for your home or business, here’s everything you need to know about it.

What You Should Know

Wireless cameras are used in various ways and there are many different types of cameras that use Wi-Fi to function. In this article, we’re going to talk about how the surveillance camera that uses Wi-Fi works. By understanding how it works, you will be able to decide for yourself if this is the kind of device that you need for your home or business.

First of all, Wi-Fi surveillance cameras come with software that you need to download and install in your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. It is this software that gives you the ability to keep track of your home or business even if you’re far away. Depending on the camera system that you plan on installing, the first step is to install the app or software on your mobile or computer device.

Here are the steps to guide you through it:

  1. How to Install the Software

Upon installing the software into your computer, an interface will pop-up and this will guide you into connecting new cameras, accessing existing cameras, and setting up a website where you can keep track of all the video recordings. There are also options to view still shots that are captured by the camera. You can basically rely on the software for many things and the software is very user-friendly, giving you full control over the entire surveillance system.

  1. How to Activate the Motion Sensor

Some of the higher-end cameras come with motion sensor. This feature detects the presence of any movement and only then it will start capturing videos. This is a great way to save space on your camera’s memory since it will not record any idle moment. Also, you can configure the motion sensor to ignore minor movements or movements of a pet. There is also an option where it alerts you through email or via a SMS message if the camera detects any movement in the surroundings. This is such a wonderful feature that keeps your property protected from any intruders.


Sure, Wi-Fi cameras might cost you more money than other types of surveillance cameras, but they are definitely worth the money. With this feature, you can install numerous cameras all over your place and you will be able to monitor them through your computer or mobile device. The Wi-Fi camera is also very helpful for business owners who need to monitor several warehouses, offices, or shops.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, it’s possible to set up the Wireless camera on your own. You just need to assign an IP address to each camera or configure the cameras to send video footage to a computer or mobile phone using a Wi-Fi connection. These cameras also come with features that can make it easier for you to keep track of your property. You can place the cameras in areas that you want to observe and even if you’re far away, the camera could send a notification through email or SMS for any suspicious activity.

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